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Alinco's ITOO: Comprehensive IT Outsourcing Program

Emphasis on Monthly Objectives

Each Objective Builds upon Previous Month’s Services

Tailored for Seamless IT Management


January - Establishing the Basics

  • Detailed Role Updates to Align with Business Needs
  • Document & Form Standardization for Consistency
  • Responsibilities Redefined to Ensure Clarity
  • Review and Adjust Processes as Necessary
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February - Structure and Identity Review

  • Health Check of Directory Structures to Improve Efficiency
  • Review Retention Policies to Safeguard Information
  • Identity Verification to Maintain Security
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March - Policy and Security Updates

  • Comprehensive Review and Update of Security Protocols
  • Regular Policy Refreshment to Align with Industry Best Practices
  • Rigorous Security Audits for Peace of Mind

April & May - Strengthening Cybersecurity Infrastructure

  • Investment in Robust Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Detailed Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Implementation of Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Measures
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June - Cybersecurity Workshops

  • Employee Training on Latest Cyber Threats
  • Workshop Focused on Preventive Measures
  • Ongoing Updates to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats
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July - Version Control and Lifecycle Management

  • Version Control Systems for Organized Workflow
  • Life Cycle Management for Effective Product Control
  • Regular Reviews and Updates to Ensure Efficiency
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August & September - Disaster Recovery and Backup Testing

  • Thorough Review and Testing of Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Testing to Ensure Business Continuity
  • Regular Updates and Adjustments Based on Test Results
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October - Knowledgebase and Documentation Updates

  • Regular Updates to the Technical Knowledgebase
  • Review and Update of Internal and External Documentation
  • Ensuring Information Accuracy for All Stakeholders
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November - Equipment Disposal and Data Sanitation

  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly Equipment Disposal
  • Complete Data Sanitation to Protect Confidential Information
  • Replacement and Upgrade Planning for Outdated Equipment


  • Year-Round Dedicated IT Support
  • A Proactive Approach to IT Management
  • Ensuring Optimal IT Health for Business Continuity